“The PARA//EL Axis” is a GLOBAL Collaboration of Local Artists engaging in Community Activism thru Art brought to you by Starlight Projects Foundation.

“The idea is to be a container, and the pith, or the center of the spiral, the AXIS, for local artists to be able to bring forth their Starlight and shine, then reverberate that across all platforms, to the far reaches of the earth and beyond, and cause a tidal wave of change that unites us all under the same mission. A place where no one is above any other, we are all on our own path, have our own destiny as Artivists, but we can walk Side-by-Side (ParaLLel) to each other for a while to give each other a boost”, says Dr. Krystaline Sakwanomtewa, Executive Director for the foundation.


The PARA//EL Axis has a local donation-based Art Gallery/Studio where all member artists get to work, place, promote, showcase, trade, and find a new home for their art in the hearts of the people who hear it’s call, and feel it’s need. All proceeds generated from the store go to the local artists that need it and the creators of the art itself to keep the love flowing.

Our Flagship Gallery/Studio and Gift Shop is located in Las Cruces, NM, and we were just granted the CA relief Grant to help us open the Long Beach, CA branch of @TheParaLLelAxis! Other locations coming soon are Albuquerque, Chicago, Phoenix, and New York. 

Community Activism thru ART

Meet @WEMFER... NM Artivist working to cause CHANGE. 


ALL ARTISTS, in all mediums, are invited to participate. Remember that ART comes in many beautiful forms, and it’s not just paint on a canvas! Clothing, Crafts, Music, Dance, Spirituality, Wood/Stone/Metal work, and Food may also be considered ART. Visit our Social Media Pages to stay linked in. Come visit us in person at any of our OPEN HOUSE or FUNDRAISING Events!



Support our GLOBAL Collaboration of Local Artists engaging in Community Activism thru Art.

Our Galleries cost $63k each to start-up, and we were granted the CA relief grant for $15K to start the Long Beach, CA store. Every penny counts towards our mission. You can also GIVE by helping us host a fundraiser or spreading the word to others.